Thursday, November 13, 2008

Parents Beware!

Now that the population has went from 60 to over 100 pedobear accounts in just a couple weeks on the BlogTv, We all know Pedobear has become a mascot for online pedophiles, specifically targeting innocent prepubescent kids. Just google "pedobear" to find all those ungodly sites. But they are getting bolder, they are now posting pictures. If you people search pedobear on the Blogtv you can see yourself they are out there and hunting down your kids.


Anonymous said...

Why has this man not been reported to the FBI???
Even if he was Pretending that's what he is about, these actions should be as prone to immediate legal followup in the same way a person who uses the word "Bomb" in an airport is the very least!

Anonymous said...

Cause blogtv dont give a fuck, if they turn these people in that means less clicks and less money for them.

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think a pedophile is going to admit he's a pedophile? Holy fuck, the people who run this website are fucking retards.

I'm going to create a username right now. "HelloImAPedophileIRL" Look me up, report me. Please. Because the cops will take you seriously when you do. TRUST ME.