Thursday, November 27, 2008

2.2 seconds

When I started my shift this evening after the best turkey dinner ever, I logged onto BlogTv and there is 5'th place with over 70 viewers, sure enough, 2 kids yet again being abused by pedos. Now, how can this be, that we have all this "luck" that every time one of our people log on there is a minor being abused on BlogTv.Folks its not just luck, it is a problem, We are so ever happy that BlogTv has started this new plan to separate the minors from the adults. Have they done the research, We don't think so. and many Interactive Online Gaming sites have already let us know that the sickos are making accounts with with younger ages is all and still able to attack the kids. Sites like this have had many cases of this nature, older pedos making accounts and meeting up with kids raping them and or killing them. We only say this now, so after they put the new BlogTv in effect as told to us by CEO Guy Eliav in an email he sent us a week or so ago, they won't be able to say, "We don't have tools to blah blah blah and we did the research blah blah blah,"We know Kara Hannah and the BlogTv CEO Guy Eliav read our site.

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Let's Talk said...

And to those that say we sit in these rooms for hours. Not correct.

Look at the live now page, aprox. 1to 10 minutes in the room long enough to snap shots and leave.

Keep on eye on the Live Now page and time them when they are gone, it's not that hard. really

That's why your comments are removed cause you lie.

Ask binko his are removed for the same reason.