Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wham Bam and there you have it

Just as I finished my last story I went back to the BlogTv's LIVE NOW page and what did I see in 8'th place, more child abuse, go figure.

We wonder what Office Depot is going to think when they get their email"s" after the holiday.we are guessing these people telling these kids TITS OR GTFO and SHOW PENIS NOW and FAMILY GROUP SEX is safe healthy entertainment for minors. And people ask why we don't report on anything else.

FOOT NOTE: We were only in this room 5 seconds when we got the first screen shot. With a total of 7 minutes we spent in this room. The room was still running at 9PM PST 45 minutes after we found it.

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Anonymous said...

how does office depot get screwed...if blogtv is the one showing it?