Thursday, November 27, 2008

To put everyone at ease.

If you do not like our posts, we are asking you to Please not come back.

Thank You

Happy Holidays

For those of you that wish to contact our legal department please forward your issues to

Thank You


Jane1963a said...

Na Shawn... we all know you are just trying to cover YOUR tail. YOU are the one who is the REAL "Let's Talk Blogtv" Ha Ha Good con work there Shawn.

Wanda said...

LOL jane

Hi said...

Yeah...ever heard of the First Amendment? I mean here in America aren't we allowed freedom of speech? That's cool to see you DON'T support it.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Let's Talk.

I think you are overlooking something. People come here because they want to come here. But I think anyone should be able to respond and disagree with anything you write and comment on it, without you getting your panties in a bunch.

Let's Talk said...

Anon anyone who lies is not welcome.

IF YOU don't like the fact we remove lies and harassment.

DONT COME BACK it's that simple.

Anonymous said...

what about racist remarks from commenters? why aren't you removing those?