Saturday, April 11, 2009

Whiteboy712 gets told off by his Mama

5 minutes of precious moments this afternoon during whiteboy712's Easter insominax competition. whiteboy712 got pissed off and threw his cell phone against the wall during one of his childish rants. When he told his mommy that he needs a new phone Mommy told his ass NO!!! Then all hell broke lose. Mommy telling her worthless son that all he does is drink beer and not have or look for a job. whiteboy712 was showing the woman that gave him life not one cent of respect, acting more like an out of control teen you see on Maury.

Mommy told him, Get your own damn phone, I'm shutting off your number, go get a job, all you do is sit here all day and drink beer, and then she slammed the door.

What is more important to whiteboy712. Sitting in front of the computer all day on blogtv drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, living off mommy and drinking Mountain Dew that is rotting away what teeth he has left. OR Getting a job and a life.

Wowezers, this Easter's xinsomniax contest is stirring up more drama than the Binks could have ever wanted to cause.

Hey whiteboy, after seeing your peen pics, we think there is a market for you in the gay porn field, they are looking for tall, good looking stupid fuckers with big dicks. Maybe you should drop ShaunThePeenKing and email and hook it up. You could make money off rich old men like he does and get your own place.

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