Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Insomniax

Easter Insomniax started off with the drama from hell. Just hours into the charity fundraiser, the ever so popular BlogTv Bully shawn1979r was causing havoc for the lead contestant Dfizzy that was holding 260+ people in his room.
The harassment started with a telephone call from a man named "Sam" Dfizzy having been in shawn1979r's shows knows shawn voices he uses for his prank calls. The so called Sam man knew Dfizzy's mom's name and where she worked and the home phone number. Interesting the same information that is gathered when applying for BlogTv's Ad share Revenue Program and or PRO accounts.

The mysterious Sam Man shawn1979r called Dfizzy's house about 6 or 8 times and said he was in the chat room. Dfizzy was recording a video. mod_sharon mod_Stooge showed up and after dfizzy reported this. mod_Stooge said she needs proof of this harassment, Dfizzy told her there was a video recorded of the phone calls, she said nothing can be done without proof. ~ ~ what more proof do you need mod_Stooge a building to fall on your head?

Dfizzy got real upset that mod sharon would not do anything about the harassment just like in the case of that 50 year old man that was calling his house telling his mom that he was going to kill her. BlogTv had no response there either.

Dfizzy got so mad he said mod sharon liked midget porn. mod sharon BANNED his account in the middle of a fundraiser for kids with 260+ people.

Defizzy then went to his other account and started a show. Here comes shawn1979r in dfizzy's waiting room where, shawn1979r, viva_, op-addm1n, hypno and arbor were spamming the letsstalk website AND Dfizzy's personal information. - mod_sharon, mod Stooge came to the waiting room sat there and watched them spam and she typed, "All spammers will be kicked" and she left the waiting room and the spam began again.

How would shawn1979r get the personal information from a BlogTv Broadcaster? His little buddy Kara Hannah maybe?

Then after he was done with Dfizzy Shawn1979r called Whiteboy712 and started harassing him.

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