Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Photo courtesy of Google Images.

That's right Perez Hilton was on BlogTv TODAY. Broadcaster mallow610 was co-hosting the infamous blogger Perez Hilton this afternoon, mallow had to coax Mr. Hilton into getting an account and then co-hosting the famous blogger for what seemed like a couple of hours. Here is the first video of the many he recorded.

See the rest of the videos on mallows610's page

Perez was a very nice guy to hangout with. Nothing like one would think, with Perez being the sharp tongued Hollywood gossip writer that he is, he is a very nice and charming guy.

How did Perez Hilton find BlogTv? you ask... apparently one of Perez's favorite YouTubers was in mallows room and she tweeted and Mr. Hilton followed the link and ended up in mallows room on BlogTv. The interwebz makes the world a little smaller.

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