Monday, April 6, 2009

From Our Readers
Binko the Bastard

We have reported since day one that Steven Binko was not on the level, narcissistic and a tad mental. Strike another one up for us. But this email we received from one of Binko's Ex-Minions is just tragic, they found the bink's at a very trying time in their life as you can read in the email. The bink's sucked them in and spit them out like he did with everyone of the BlogTv Viewers including BlogTv themselves.
Hey Kara, let us know what BlogTv thinks about this,
BlogTv was a sponsor of The Escape and the show never completed the airtime nor were prizes ever awarded?

UPDATE: 4/7/09 8:30am
We are working on another story, a broadcaster that may be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. We should have it posted by weeks end.

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psgman said...

Let me guess. Jov08 ?

ps : no need to feel ashamed/betrayed... Welcome to the internet world. Everything's virtual.