Friday, April 10, 2009

Beyond Disturbing


That's right it seems that pedophiles and perverts on BlogTv Jr. have more rights than the people trying to protect the kids.

We have received many emails from a concerned viewer. This person was responsible for getting 6 accounts closed on BlogTv Jr. for lewd and lascivious actions towards a minor. Whether these people that are typing these sexual requests to these kids are adults or minors they need to be either arrested and or in therapy for being so forthright in these sexual requests from kids 13 to 15 AND BlogTv needs to be held accountable for not closing these perverts down.

Now we know that in BlogTv they can censor words like jiggy and faggot but they cannot edit account names in BlogTv Jr. like master_bate, master_bate2 that both have been reported for perving on kids, and they are still active accounts on BlogTv Jr. mod_Alex mod_Stooge says it was handled accordingly.
This very concerned BlogTvJr. account holder and a few others have been working so hard to keep the pedos and pervs on BlogTvJr away from the kids they decided to list all the perverts they saw on their account page.


The pedos complained to BlogTv that the list of perverts was "harassment". The account holder that listed all the names got the following email from mod_Robertmod_Stooge THAT'S RIGHT, "Your account was blocked cause the list of perverts is harassment." Can you fucking believe that?!?

With all the reports we have done with the harassment and perverted behaviour of some of the community on BlogTv and now BlogTv Jr. We have asked ourselves and may other people in the business world, why is this problem so ramped on Blogtv. Every answer we got was "Management" it always boils down to management, If you have a store with no security you have a huge problem with shop lifters, If you have an online interactive website that has a problem with weirdos and pervs, same thing, management.

We all know that Kara Hannah is in charge of the BlogTv and BlogTv Jr. "Customer Service" and the "Community Leader". As we have reported in the past that Kara Hannah is some what of a masturbation freak like when she advertised the website for a church of masturbation and in the video you can see in our side bar that the woman may have some sort of phyco-sexual behaviour problems.


You and your family are in Best Buy looking to buy a computer, The salesmen walks up to you and talks to you about buying the computer, the salesmen says to you, "Try out this computer, the keyboard is a nice soft touch, go ahead and try, let me see your best typed genitals, show me your ass' your titties and your dicks."

Is that any way to sell a computer... That manager would be FIRED on the spot.

Does Kara Hannah fuel the fire for harassment on BlogTv? We think so and here's why.
We all remember the group called "The Vikings" A group that was "trolling" BlogTv before 4chann and the pedos hit. Here you can see on TimeFor_colt89VIKING-toRISEagain's account the only comments are from, you guessed it, Kara Hannah. Kara's last comment was, "Yeah sometimes I like to indulge the trolls." WTF does that mean Kara?

And as our readers know we have been having a huge problem with shawn1979r harassing us and a few other BlogTv members not only on blogTv but also his failed letsstalk site. We reported a few weeks ago that Jane1963 was having a problem with Kara Hannah and when Jane1963 mentioned shawn1979r to Kara Hannah, Kara say, "I don't know shawn1979r I do not know what you are talking about." Well Kara here are a few comments we found on shawn1979r's comment wall dating back to 4-17-08.

As RaunchFoxxx did a few weeks ago, by calling out Kara Hannah as being a trouble making idiot saying, "One less Kara Hannah at BlogTv, alot less headaches for everyone." We agree with you RaunchFoxxx.

Hey BlogTv we have an extra $2,500.00 laying around interested in selling before you go belly up?


Let's Stalk said...

whats the point of writing these when no one comes to your site to read it lol.

Check out our polls, theres some more interesting facts there.

Instead of just making shit up, why dont you post the email where kara said I dont know shawn1979r?

P.s you posted wall posts from like a year ago as well lol congrats you just guaranteed everyone is going to think you're desperate :)

for someone who claims shawn1979r is harassing you, you sure type his name alot :)

Let's Talk said...

You know the fucked up thing about you shawn.

The fact in your comment you are more concerned with an email from kara than you are about the kids being abused. THAT is what makes YOU look like a pedophile.

YOU sir are one fuked up human being.

Let's Talk said...


We know you cheat on the polls so they mean nothing.

Let's Talk said...

PS again

yes the comment wall posts are a year old to PROVE the fact kara has knowen you for a long time.
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