Saturday, March 21, 2009

RaunchFoxxx speaks out about Kara Hannah and BlogTv

We found this surfing the interwebz today. RaunchFoxxx calls out Kara Hannah over on a comment on stickydrama for her lying about paying broadcasters and going around talking about people behind their backs only to cause trouble. RaunchFoxxx exposes all of BlogTv the lies and backstabbing that goes on.
We can only imagine what Kara Hannah says about us to her pedophile bodyguards like white liar and shawn1979r. We can guarantee it's not the truth. LOLZ


MeowTV said...

Finaly someone who understand the true meaning of the JR program :)

well done foxx

whiterliar said...

and once again... i am still broadcasting on blogtv and there aint shit you can do about it. im gonna play with daughter now. shes 4. concerned?

Jane1963 said...

EXACTLY Foxx!!!!! Thank you!!!

nschicklette said...

Well said!!!!!! I laugh to myself how so many kiss her ass it's pathelic. She has the mind of a child not a person who can run a site like blog or any other for that matter. Amen finally someone who expose that stupid bitch. Whiterliar every time you open your mouth nothing but stupid shit comes out of it. You are one of the biggest creeps on blog.