Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mods Epic Fail

Why doesn't BlogTv hire a mod for the weekends. The lack of moderation is at the highest it has been in a while we are hoping the mods are over on BlogTv Jr. but we highly doubt it. like every weekend kids all over the front page. The kiddy problem is such a problem on BlogTv other web sites like StickyDrama are posting articles about the child abuse that goes on over at the BlogTv.
This just shows how BlogTv lacks in the mod_Stooge Department.


Anonymous said...

why do you guys post those kids faces? what do you do with the pictures afterwards?

Let's Talk said...

We are posting BlogTv violations that the BlogTv mod_Stooges don't catch. To show the lack of moderation on BlogTv.

After uploading the pics we delete them they are nothing more than taking up space on the hard drive at that point.

If you look at past posts we have explained this many times.

Is there a problem with posting kids faces that are violating the TOS of a website?