Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taking out the trash one last time.

Like we promised.

On March 15, 2009 we posted the following story.

shawn1979r the owner of letsstalk reports that the BlogTv mod_Stooges said that they looked up the kids name and they were in fact logged into BlogTv Jr. The email he shows is not signed by blogtv moderation, the receivers email address is blanked out and if you have a hotmail account you will see that the fonts are all off. Photo shop and website mastering are not Shawn's strong points.

We are giving away to the first person that can get a name off the story we posted for any mod_Stooge to look up.
10 MILLION dollars

We will give another 25 MILLION dollars
to the first person that can produce a BlogTv server account verification with photos, that the show was logged into the BlogTv Jr. site at the time we did our story.

Please contact us to collect your reward at LetsTalkBlogTv@yahoo.com

In that same retort he exposes himslef again, saying that, "Lets Talk banned him and he could never answer our question." Well if you notice in the chat we (Let's Talk) were talking to him even asking why he wasn't spamming the chat, another reason he got banned from the chat. He says nothing not a word... Why.. put on the spot maybe.In that retort he posted, again he never answered the question. shawn mcqaid, Why did you want everyone to "Just Shut Up" about the pedo problem blogtv was having?" You have a whole blog you can post the answer on lil guy. Trying and we repeat trying to make others look bad when you are the biggest guilty party there is on blogtv. We will ask again just for the record, Shawn McQuaid, Why did you want everyone to "Just Shut Up" about the child abuse?

We strongly advise both Tabitha- and RxWarrior and anyone else that has been hurt, harassed or humiliated by the slander and harassment from shaw1979r and his blog to follow our footsteps and file complaints with your local Federal authorities. It looks very promising for us. www.usdoj.gov/criminal/cybercrime/reporting.htm

Our last official statement. We have empowered in our policy to no longer visit nor partake in any illegal websites. No persons affiliated with Let's Talk Blogtv will be allowed while working in our environment, to visit, report or comment on any illegal websites. letsstalk has been added to our list. Any further posting will be legal docs only.

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