Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Hater Site

For months now there has been a blospot that has not only been harassing us but also mocking our reporting to a point of slander, defamation and libel, libel cause it's written and posted to the public. We have submitted over 1500 posts from the letssalk website, to the public defender.

Going on with who is letsstalk. The person that owns and runs the slanderous website is Shawn McQuaid aka shawn1979r. And unlike his pathetic attempts to out us with the friends count from two different peoples accounts from the pictures we post. You will see why his show is named "Drinking with shawn".

March 8, 2009
Our friend Tabitha- who is "supposed" to be RxWarrior sent us these film clips. She asked shawn1979r if his name was, Shawn McQuaid and if he owned or knew anything about any BlogTv Gossips Sites. He tells us his name is Shawn McQuaid and he knows absolutely "nothing" about any gossip sites and he "doesn't know what we are talking about."

Due to Stalking and harassment this video is only available via email please let us know if you want a copy at,
shawn1979r is trying to hide the truth but it's not working.

We can show you that this guy is noting but bullshit.
Now lil guy, this is called detective work.

Nov. 26, 27, 28, 29, 2008
These are just a few of the many posts that were made to our blog from blogger account shawn1979r, there are about 80 posts made from this account, on these days in Nov. What is so interesting in these posts from blogger account shawn1979r, is that they reflect pretty much word for word what letsstalk says, Also notice the double spacing in Shawn's posts, exactly like letsstalk. Shawn started harassing us here right after Kara Hannah deleted the forums cause shawn wanted us to SHUT UP about the pedo problem on BlogTv, as they had opened the site to kids and the pedos where out by the hundreds and shawn1979r wanted us to SHUT UP about it.
WHY SHAWN he still has never answered that question.

Dec. 24 2008
shawnmcquaid seen here logged in to the Let's Talk BlogTv Chat. This is when the harassment was at it's worst, Christmas 2008 but he knows nothing about any gossip sites. He was banned from the chat room soon after this due to his harassment.

Dec. 26, 2008
shawn1979r in Jflick2020's show. Looking like he was trying to sell jflick on this letsstalk site and talking story strategy, even posting the link to the letsstalk website. So much for not knowing about letsstalk 3 months ago, lie much?

Jan. 10, 2009
BlogTvDrama sent us this email. The kind folks at blogtvdrama sent us this tip and sure enough it panned out the same google accounts were running on letsstalk and shawn1979r's failed site
The failed 100percentlolz

Feb. 3, 9, 2009
For a person that knows nothing about the BlogTv Gossip sites he sure does do alot of advertising for letsstalk as shown here on our comment wall. We did remove the comments after we took the screen caps. The same comments were left on RxWarriors page.

March 3, 2009
Yet another reader contacted us with proof that shawn1979r owns letsstalk, This person was contacted personally by shawn1979r and told them they did own letsstalk trying to sell the garbage site just like he did with jflick2020 back in December.

The major fail for Shawn McQuaid aka Shawn1979r. Is the FACT that when the stupid fucker emails you from the email address that is on the website letsstalk, his name Shawn McQuaid is on the return name of his letsstalk website email address and the guy must have really been drunk when he answered this email. He had no clue the email was for his letsstalk site.

Is this guy a stoopid fucker or what?

For a person that claims to not know anything about these gossip sites sure has alot of history of not only harassing us but advertising for letsstalk via posting links and personal conversations with people as well along with his name on the websites email address.

And that is how it is done, REPORTING TRUTH with PROOF, is our motto. We look farther than a couple of people's friends count before we report any NEWS or gossip to you.

Please stay tuned tomorrow we will be doing our last story on letsstalk shawn1979r. We baited the stupid ass with a story and not only did he fall for it hook line and sinker but he swallowed it like Zarlom swallowing whiteboy712's long ass peen.


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