Thursday, February 12, 2009

UPDATE: Sagerain is FED UP!!!

Just a little lesson on reading garbage on the internet. So for the internet bullys that think they can just tell another person they are going to kill you, and send you abusive and harassing e-transactions you can go to jail and be fined if the party presses charges.

Bush signs Federal Internet Harassment Bill,-go-to-jail/2010-1028_3-6022491.html That news story was posted Jan. 6 2006

A man jailed for internet harassment

United States Department of Justice
Internet Crime Reporting Site

and for the hell of it a goggle search page with over 2 million pages of these crimes and information.

Wait why are we waisting our time, RxWarrior owns and and and just posted more bullshit on his sites and he is probably busy right now posting more bullshit on the other 2 million sites he owns. Hope you are ready lil guy, just remember don't drop the soap in the shower and you never know who you are dealing with on the internet :)

If you wish to read garbage please by all means do so, but when the garbage is taken out... well you have nothing more to read. And you may get yourself in trouble.
The people over at Cornell University, you know that stupid law school that Rxwarrior owns only to post bullshit for his Let's Talk BlogTv site.
Tells us, It is the POLICY of the United States to uphold the following,
Photo courtesy of Cornell University Law School

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