Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SageRain is FED UP!!!

Apparently BlogTv'er, SageRain and some others have received death threats and are being harassed to the point of breaking the law. We know SageRain we have been dealing with our own haters from BlogTv. SageRain has contacted BlogTv about these death threats and harassment and BlogTv has done nothing about it... Nothing about "death threats". The only way to make a non-harassing show on BlogTv is to buy there stupid PRO account bullshit to solve your problems of people harassing you and telling you they are going to kill you.. JennStarr was ran off by the haters cause the mods do nothing. The video below is a very telling video as to action taken and responses given.
We suggest you go to your local police department and or federal court house and file a complaint take copies of all the screen shots and saved text. We will open a web page to collect the emails of the people that have filed police reports. If enough people have file police reports there is a great possibility of a class action law suit. And that's big bucks $$$

It is always nice to know that there are people out there that believe laws are made to be followed not ignored.

UPDATE: For the nonbelievers,-go-to-jail/2010-1028_3-6022491.html That news story was posted Jan. 6 2006

And a man jailed for internet harressment

Wait why are we waisting our time, RxWarrior owns and and just posted more bullshit. Hope you are ready lil guy, just remember don't drop the soap in the shower.


michael robin tang said...

to be honest, if you are gettin harassed and dont like it, GET OFF THE INTERNET.

Kyle said...

I'm going to have to agree with Michael here. You act as if these people are forced to BlogTV and can't get away. No one has any contract with BlogTV and anyone can stop broadcasting at anytime. Hell, they can even go to another larger streaming site like Stickam or However, if you are going to Stickam or to find better moderation and less harassment then you may want to do a little research first ;). Harassment is everywhere on the internet, its almost impossible to avoid it. My point is if these broadcasters actually feel threatened by these 12 year old trolls who have no friends or anything better to do with their time, they can always leave. I never let harassment get to me

Let's Talk said...

Just a comment,

Why is it ok to harass online but not offline.

Just because you log onto the internet doesn't mean you are less human and lose your rights as a person.

If it is ok to harass online where will the line be drawen. Will you quit your job and get another cause it is ok for a person to harass you. Will you stop going to your favorite club cause there is a bully harassing you? be real.

Either way there are federal laws protecting Americans :)

Jane1963 said...

Way to go Sage Rain!

Way to let your voice be heard!

I always thought after sending in "proof",(screen shots) of the harassment, that they banned the accounts. They HAVE done that for me. Though in most cases the harassers would make another account and come back, or another blogtv employee would give them their account back. So then I would have to write and write making more request, and send in more screen shots, until they were banned again.

Now that is only in a case where there is major harassment from known viewers, ie, Joemack-007.It took months, and months to get rid of him. It wasn't until he started harassing Kara Hannah, that he was finally banned. LOL he stills comes back every once in a while under a new screen name, and he was banned 8 months ago.

When it is just a drive by spamming harrasser... i just click bann. I don't comment, i just move on and totally ignore the situation,and continue what I was doing. That seems to work the best, or so it has for me, and other broadcasters who have tried it.

When they don't get a response from me, they just move on, because I am no fun for them to harrass.

I noticed many broadcasters bring a lot of attention to the haters when they come in their room, and I think it just brings them back. Just click Bann, take screen shots, and report if you will. But what ever you do, DO NOT even mention them, or respond in any other way when they come to your show. Trust me, it works.

Buying the PRO account is NOT a solution the problem. You don't want to have private, friends only shows, otherwise there is no way to build up your viewers and friends. You have to have a public broad cast in order to do that, so you still have to deal with the haters.

I hope no one buys into the myth that the "PRO" accounts will solve these problems. The private shows are just a way to hide and escape the problem temporarily. While all along, excluding yourself from the rest of the new viewers who come in and to check out shows.

If blogtv's mods and community manager are telling you to buy their PRO account to solve this problem, that is just so wrong. That is not the solution.