Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NHLinSEATTLE wins RxWarrior's Car Give Away

If you missed the show you lost out cause everybody won something, it was a blast.
They were giving out prizes left and right all night long, Hell even Binko showed up. Very cool prizes we might add. We have never seen a show dishing out the prizes it was like every 10 minutes they gave a prize away. Key chains, calendars, cool jewelery, Maui Treats and a new car the show was fun. The show went passed the four hour plan and they played till all the prizes were given away. We all want to thank everyone that showed up and participated in the show.
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MeowTV said...

I dont know who the red hair behind was, but she's incredibly hot :)
Keep the car, i'll take the girl

Anonymous said...

Geeee, thanks MeowTV, your so sweet! Here KITTY, KITTY, KITTY!!!hee hee hee