Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A few choice words LOL

We were asked to post this story due to the harassment Tabitha- has received from rumors that got started by a dying gossip site looking for traffic. As we have explained before Tabitha- has been sending us news tips and photos for months, some how a gossip site entangled Tabitha- and RxWarrior and owning Let's Talk. We are posting this at 11:45pm Tuesday evening 15 minutes before RxWarriors show is about to end. Tabitha- sent us these photos of her in BlogFags room and at the same time RxWarrior was doing his Car Give Away Show as you can see in the thumbnails above the chatroom.You can also see she had words with Jflick2020 when his ever so cleaver christian brown nosing didn't fill Tabitha-'s pipe she told him off in a rather funny way. This Tabitha- is in your face funny.
Then after Tabitha- Tells Jflick2020 not to talk to her he sends her a file. Can't he be banned for harassment?

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