Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mods Epic Fail

Well it looks like Saturday again, no mods and kids everywhere on the BlogTv. We know this is going to send our hater site into a frenzy every time we let the public know we are not going to accpect child abuse the hater site gets all pissed off and calls us pedos cause we are trying to get the kids shows closed (don't make sense do it, that's cause the hater site are pedos after all look at the follower White_liar the self admitted pedophile, nuff said.) Because BlogTv cannot monitor the adult side of BlogTv, on Monday we are going to bring to our city council this huge problem. If the city takes notice with all the evidence we have to show that BlogTv is not capable to run a safe and sane internet place for kids and the abuse the kids go through, the city will take action in the courts to have BlogTv blocked from the US market or not allow them to have a kids site. We will also let the city know that the excuse of, "Our mods can't catch everything." but that is perfect as we all know America don't allow stupid excuses as a defence. YES right there on the front page. For everyone to see. not hiding, right there in your face. On page 1

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MeowTV said...

Good to know that someone actually to watch the 4-5 ppl shows, whatever the content :P