Friday, February 20, 2009

Just for shitz and giggles

Our stalker site has been very busy there all by himself. This morning he managed to post 3 stories, get all kinds of comments but there is only 1 person on his site that is stealing all our traffic. As you can see in the photo here there is no one on his site. Now we ask how can a site post 3 stories, get hella comments and only have one person on their page... Cause there is only on person that cares about that stupid site and that is shawn1979r. LOLZ If you notice all the comments are from anons like that's not obvious. LOLZ again.

1 comment:

MeowTV said...

Better be talked about in a bad way than NOT be talked about at all.

As for Jespermedia: i am the only one who got the simpsons Smitters character image in his mind while watching his show?

signed: Mr Burns.