Saturday, February 14, 2009

BlogTv Gives Back: UPDATE

As we reported to you a couple weeks ago, that the BlogTv fundraiser BlogTV Gives Back was possibly a fraud. On Friday, we got back in touch with St. Jude Children's Research and spoke with the lead investigator and she tells us. "We sent out emails and letters a couple weeks back and still have not heard from anyone on this matter."We received an email from a person claiming to be the organizer of that fundraiser, asking us if we wanted to know the "story" behind the fundraiser. Well, we replied to the email saying, "yes" we want to know about it. Never heard back.We are told by another source, "Just because BlogTv puts in there TOS that the UGC is the responsibility of the broadcaster." and they have washed their hands of it they have no responsibility. WRONG BLOGTV just because you put a disclaimer on your web site DOES NOT free you of the responsibility of fraudulent fundraisers.
If life were so easy, all one would need to do is to put a sign on their car saying. "I don't have auto insurance, if we have a wreak, it's your fault." That is why websites like ebay and others will prosecute for people using their site for fraudulent purposes.

All in all St. Jude Children's Research is not going to let this go and neither are we, they have investigators on this case and we can't wait till we hear the out come.

The IRS will be interested as well for the fact when people give donations to Charity's, they are tax deductible. Looks like these people that held this fundraiser and BlogTv are in for a world of mess if they don't come clean.

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