Friday, January 23, 2009

BlogTv Gives Back
a Fraud?

You all might remember the fundraiser, BlogTv Gives Back for St. Jude Children's Hospital on November 14th 2008. They were then going to be at a St. Jude Event on December 12, 2008 broadcasting LIVE as they gave the raised funds to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Well the LIVE show never happened on Dec. 12 and as you can see from the St. Jude Blog there was nothing mentioned about BlogTv Gives Back being there and donating anything.Because there was no LIVE show on Dec. 12, 2008. We sent Kara Hannah an email Dec. 22, 2008 asking about who or what companies name was the money donated under as we ourselves donated and we wanted to make sure our monies made it to their proper destination, we have yet to hear from Kara on this matter. So when we make our legal tax deductible donations to a legitimate charity we want to make sure our money gets to the Charity.So we called St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and spoke to Brenda Huffsteller in their fraud department. We gave Brenda the information about this fundraiser and asked if they received an amount of $1,020.14 on Dec. 12, 2008 from BlogTv Gives Back. Her answer was no, She told us she was contacting their attorneys and to get back with her in a week. We contacted her this week and still to no avail they have not received their money, Brenda also told us they have sent emails and letters and have not heard back and to contact her back in 2 weeks. You bet we will be on top of this one. Looks like someone is going to have to cough up $1,020.14 or go to jail if they decide to press charges.The people that were guest hosting the show like Lorax, AmandaRama and Matthew Lush might want to check into this, cause if this was in fact a fraud they might be held responsible as they were entertaining and asking for donations. In no way are we saying that Lorax, Amanda or Matthew were involved other than entertaining, We want to make that clear to the haters and rumor starters out there.

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UpJumpUp said...

Can anyone confirm also that the many raised by Slusho and his pals for the Xmas Insomniax made its way to the charity?

This is my second time asking this question here, the first post never made it up.