Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kara Hannah, 1 girl 2 faces

When you bring a concern to Kara Hannah the Community Leader of BlogTv she answers to the best of her corporate blabber and lies, but then when the corporate blabber and lies are not accepted by the customer she lowers herself to the making snide comments you would hear from a snotty 9 year old and the catty remarks of a bratty 11 year old.
Maybe that's the reason she gets along so well with the pedophiles on BlogTv cause she acts the same age as the victims they prey upon.

We have all come to know Jane1963 as the Karaoke Queen of BlogTv. Her karaoke show and her morning Coffee Talk shows have been running for some time now. We also know that Jane1963 is a very outspoken advocate for the kids that were being abused on BlogTv, She gathered together a group of concerned BlogTv community people and they set out to help protect these kids as the blogTv moderation team was NOT doing their jobs and these infamous "tools" were never put in place. the concern of these people was/is not the fact there are kids broadcasting, but the abuse these kids were/are being put through due to the fact there are no mods/tools in place to protect them.

Jane1963 brought a concern to the table of Kara Hannah about the new contest they have. BlogTv is about to open BlogTv for the teens and giving away a new cam,
Now we know from the past when BlogTv opened the site to kids there was nothing but abuse and harassment towards these kids to the point where some of them disrobed for the perverts just to shut them up. At that time we were assured by Kara Hannah that everything was ok and is safe for these kids, and, well, that was a complete lie, as we ourselves showed with daily posts of kids being abused by the perverts. Then using the excuse that they don't have the proper tools and they will be getting them soon. Another lie as the tools never showed up they just raised the age back to 16 to broadcast.

Like ours, Jane1963's concern is for the safety of these kids and Jane1963 brought a very valid concern to Kara Hannah where many emails went back and fourth. Being the immature, catty and pedophile friendly person that Kara Hannah is these are a few Statements from the emails exchanged between Jane1963 and Kara Hannah.

"Just let me worry about these things Jane. I am sure you have plenty of stuff to worry about at your own job with kids." and "Next time you read something I all of it. Make sure that your sources are clear."

And then Kara Hannah goes on and accuses Jane1963 of being Let's Talk, like it's a bad thing.

"Oh Jane thank you so much, everything makes sense now! That only makes it look like I am correct in my line of thought. Anyhow, none of this is why I think you have been writing articles for letstalk." and "You gave yourself away with a very tell-tale error making it clear to me who the main writer (or only writer) of LetsTalk is. Thanks for that. It's good to know who is behind it all. Since I know who I am dealing with, I know it is useless to explain things to you because you do not want to listen or try to understand."

Then Kara Hannah has the balls to say, "I find this very offensive because there was no attitude involved in my correspondences with you."

And then Kara ends with her famous line that many of us have heard, "This is not my problem any longer."

Is being let's Talk BlogTv a bad thing, no of course not, Kara Hannah hates the fact we have a voice, and we make things happen over at BlogTv, besides, We love to watch this ignorant fool run around in circles along with her pedophile friends trying to figure out who we are. *giggle*

In other news

In the case of Dfizzy being harassed by a 50 year old man, for over a month this old man has stalked and harassed Dfizzy that also happens to be a minor. Dfizzy sent 10 plus screen caps and videos to BlogTv that showed what this man was emailing to a minor, "HEY PUSSY" and "HEY FAG" and BlogTv's response was, "These comments are very rude, they do not use any racism, hate talk nor do they threaten you." Now how can BlogTv say this isn't hate or harassment. BlogTv's TOS state the following:Only after Dfizzy went on a rant during his show, BlogTv finally did something about it, they blocked the account of this old man, and because they do not allow illegal activity on BlogTv as per BlogTv's TOS did they threaten the old man with legal action and did they block his IP?

Kara Hannah you and your mod_Stooges do have an attitude, sometimes very nasty attitude in your emails not only with Jane1963 and Dfizzy but you have with us also, and being a trifling little dim wit don't make you look any better.

The main thing that sticks out about Kara Hannah and the mod_Stooges over at BlogTv, is the way they use their out right disrespectful and childish remarks to their customers and at the same time, demands respect for herself and her mods.

Then to have you, and your mods chase after people that have upset your little brown nosers like wizkil, binko, and jflick2020, because someone said something to upset them or another broadcaster is showing their picture or because we called out binko and his "it's ok to sleep with a minor if you don't know there age." release the video and prove us wrong ordeal.

Don't you think that if your mod_Stooges were actually moderating the rooms for the VALID tos violations and not chasing after these cry babys stupid demands, you might have a happier and healthier blogTv community?


CharmingBritishGuy said...

See the problem with Kara is that blogtv have decided to let a kid undertake a grown-ups job. If I had her as my media/public relations officer I'd probably have her shot from a cannon into the sun. Useless is an understatement, inept is more quaint and accurate in her "official" duties. Will blogtv give her the same accountability when things go wrong... of course not. The buck will be passed from person to person until the matter is forgotten about. Professionalism isn't Kara's strong point, neither is subtlety, knowledge, or inter-personal skills.

On another note... the mod's are still lacking. With many shows that I have flagged in recent days for under-age people broadcasting, I am surprised at the lack of immediate response. Even on days with less than 50 shows, you'd think active monitoring would take place. Obviously not.

As much as I like BTV for providing a 'relatively' decent platform, I also am beginning to get frustrated and the lack of back-end co-ordination/moderation/support/ and development. It seems that things have gone stagnant at BTV-HQ. Shame really, as only a few problem people are really starting to work against the grain of the sites objectives.

Mary said...

(In response to charming) Agreed she's very immature (too young) and doesn't fit the job as being a professional. I so get a kick of how many kiss her fucking ass reading the comments on her wall (a bunch of sucksups/brownnosers)As far as the mods go, the flaggers do their job. All the mods do is shut a show down big deal!!!

Anonymous said...

You make reference to Wiz and a few others here. They CLEARLY get harassed daily. What makes them any different from any one else? I think all harassment should stop period and Blog should be responsible for coming up with a solution to putting an end to some of the needless CRAP that goes on over on blog. Serious broadcasters are starting to stray from the site and I can not blame them what so ever.

I personally have had death threats on my show, blog doing NOTHING. Since I have found that several have also had these types of threats.

Up until recent, I wasn't aware of there being laws to protect others against such harassment as a lot of us have to deal with over on blog. I am learning a lot though! Harassment is harassment, whether your a suck up or not.

It should not be allowed to happen to anyone plain and simple.

Do I feel this will ever change? No I don't!

Steven said...

Kara Hannah is not fit to flip burgers at McDonalds, much less run a web community.

Kris74 said...

Who cares what Kara Hannah says and write. Shes fucking hot