Friday, January 2, 2009

More Epic Fails from the Mods

It looks like the BlogTv community was not doing their job and flagging the underage broadcasters this morning.BAD community don't you know that if you use BlogTv it is YOUR job to monitor these rooms and flag TOS violations. These kids were on all morning.


Kyle said...

The BlogTV moderation team will only come to a room if it has been flagged. The more flags per room decides which room they will go to first. If no rooms are flagged the moderators will then go into suspicious looking rooms. However, if you are on BlogTV you do not have to flag, its not your job to, it just helps the mods respond to rooms with the most flags (Flags representing viewers who find the shows content inappropriate) first. This is why when you guys find the underage broadcasters with 2 viewers it may take awhile for a mod to get in there. In a show i was in last night the broadcaster told everyone to flag and Mod_Ella was there in less then 3 minutes. And she said she got 30 flags from the show. Overall, while BlogTV moderation may be "rusty" in some spots It is better then and way better then its 2 main competitors.

Mary said...

Mods don't do their jobs the flaggers do (and I'm one of them). I will go to many shows and flag the underage or so-called slutty attention whores. I should be paid or at least a percentage since I'm doing most of the work not the fucking mods

Kyle said...


your not asked to due the work
your not required to do the work
why should you get paid?

Mary said...

kyle apparently you missed the point I was trying to make.

Jane1963 said...

I am sorry I must have have been asleep when this was going on. I will try to do better next time and flag appropriately. :P