Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Bean Dip Rocked!!!

A New Years to Remember

As we reported, AmandaRama and Mr. Peen Bob had a New Years Party and it was absolutely perfect. Not only did the guests include, BlogTv A-Lister's there was also some very influential people as well, Doctors, Actors, Writers, Lorax, it was a very mixed group of people. It was like, BlogTv meets off Broadway meets Sex in the City. For the BlogTv'ers that never showed and the ones that left early, missed out, so sad :( All of Amanda and Bob's friends were just a delight, funny, smart and down right good people, some of whom, took some time to meet and greet the BlogTv viewers. We want to Thank both Amanda and Bob for inviting everyone to their very cute New York apartment and broadcasting for all those on BlogTv that could not make it. Check out AmandaRamas's recorded shows to see the fun in case you all missed it. Ok on with the dirt.

Dutchy and Lorax hosted the show most of the night, Amanda and bob were both very busy entertaining, and they could not have been better hosts, attending to their in house guests and also taking time to hang out with the BlogTv guests. They were smoking more than hams in the kitchen at AmandaRamas, after AmandaRama went and grabbed Lorax to go for a "smoke", Amanda comes back only to have to go and try the "dips". We are not sure but doesn't marijuana have a side effect called munchies. You have to see the recorded shows to see why this was so funny.It is Official The Dutch Man is STRAIGHT and SINGLE ladies this guy is a keeper. Dutchy as his friends call him is the most sweetest man, very kind and smart. Dutchy had such a great time and loves New York so much he wants to move there. The cutest thing about this guy is, his little face turned three shades of red, every time one the ladies gave him kiss, just adorable. He got more action than Lorax :PDuring one of the many visits Amanda made to the computer, Lorax asked Amanda What her favorite part of the escape was, she stared off into space, was silent and not a word crossed her lips, until Lorax started laughing as we all did. AmandaRama was still drunk when she woke up this morninig and we know why cause this little lady can drink and drink and drink and drink and drink. You GO GIRL!!!

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