Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is this an act of pedophilia?

Matthew "GayGod" Lush is a 20 year old man and his current hubby is 17 year old Connor. This video that is located on the servers at BlogTv that we are embedding with the code provided by BlogTv that can be found on the link that reads. "Copy to your blog" We find this as questionable behaviour, Should a 20 year old man that we are pretty sure is an Ad-Share participating show be sucking face with a 17 year old?

Words on the interwebz is that as soon as Matthew's hubbies balls drop and they grow chest hair he kicks them to the curb and replaces them with new arm candy.


CharmingBritishGuy said...

Its not illicit. The guy is over the age of 16, so he is consenting to the actions. This is more a case of personal moral objections, than anything else.

Pedophilia is when an adult is performing/ or suggesting acts to a minor.

Let's Talk said...

Call an american police department, ask them to view this video, then ask if this guys parents can prosecute, see what they say.

Sarah said...

yes the 'kids' parents can prosecute, but in the end it's the 'kids' decision to follow through with it or to define if it was consented or not.

Mary said...

I watched the video I thought it was disgusting. I couldn't believe how most were cheering them on calling it cute and sweet. I don't mind gays but I don't want to see them flaunt their shit in front of me whether on video or in person

John Kluender said...

In most cases with a person under 18, the rule is 3 years younger than the person, as long as they consent.

What he is doing is not illegal.