Monday, January 5, 2009

In your Face

We know that BlogTv discriminates on alot of different issues but this is going a little to far. We all know White_liar is a good friend of Kara Hannahs. White_liar is also a man that we exposed as a pedophile in a recording sent to us. (we will post it again in case you forgot) This screen shot was taken at about 9PM this story was posted after 10PM This was on the front page in our face for over an hour.Now, don't people get banned for showing a nude young man wearing only a cowboy hat?

Will this "White-Liar" account get banned?

Or do the pedophiles have a "free pass" to do as they wish on BlogTv because they are "besties" with Kara Hannah.


UpJumpUp said...

I flagged the show several times while it was up ...goes to show what some "privileged" members are allowed to get away with.

SashaZ said...

YAY!! For at least the second time that I am aware of, white-liar has had his account deactivated! However, he is also well known as White_Devil so how long before he starts his lurking practices under another name, say White-freak perhaps? Hmmm Just sayin..