Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Epic Fails "The Escape"

The second episode of the failed Escape opened up to a massive audience of 37 viewers.
The binks even admitted The escape was a huge fail and BlogTv took off the front page advertisement and only put an ad up on the night of the very amature show. The lighting was horrid, the editing is just as bad. But hey it gives "camp Binko" something to listen to other than everything binko and his look what I got, we bet that slows down after all the 40,000.00 is gone. The charachture that the binks becomes in front of the camera is way too funny. To see what we are talking about check out his Holiday shows LOLZ. It is very much like the anal retentive gay son of Martha Stewart and Andy Dick.


Joe said...

Ok, lots of things wrong with this picture...

for one, i thought this was a gossip site, not a review site.

second. who the hell do you think you are? Ebert & roper?. NO. quit criticizing.

Third. Go to hell. simple as that.

and, would you please tell me what the hell this camp binko is by your terms. as i recall, we are not a camp, we just like him.

Let's Talk said...

Ask around, you will know what camp binko is.