Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What is with ShawnMcQuaid

We know this guy hates it when we get the underage broadcasters shut down, WHY? we could not tell you, but we have a pretty good idea. When ever we post a pic of an underage broadcaster and they get shut down, and we do this only to show the lack of moderation at the BlogTv, Shawn McQuaid aka Shawn1979r along with White_Liar spam the hell out of our comments with things like, we post child porn and the police are watching us, we are going to jail and they are flagging our blog site and blah blah blah. We can't help but notice that ShawnMcQuaid is on our site more than anyone. This morning alone he has come and gone 5 or 6 times within about 30 minutes or less. This one's for you Shawn MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your basement.

UPDATE: Blogger account user shawn1979r posted on 4 stories, hahah no comments. Shawn it's Christmas eve not everyone is a soul-less troll living in mom's basement with no friends or a mom for that matter that doen't want you around, We are working getting paid to post about your stupid ass.

UPDATE #2: He's back and this time for longer, we imagine that hes taking things off our site for his letsStalk blog. This is one man that really needs to grow up.


Let's Stalk BlogTv said...

still no comments :)

why dont ya post the comments instead of making stuff up :) you make yourself look like someone whos desperate to get my attention :L

Im on your blog grabbing stories for my blog :)

its gonna be fun

Let's Talk said...

Well Shawn keep in mind at the bottom of our page our stories are copyrighted so be wise as to what you post. just FYI

And yes this was posted only to show what a child you are.

Let's Talk said...

Oh and intent to publish copyrighted material :)

Tabitha said...

Well they say impersonation is the highest form of flattery.

Personally I feel that people whom impersonate others just isn'e talented enough to make it on their own, the sorry fucks that they are.