Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This is a MAN
Questionable Content?

If this man can go on Broadcasting having better breasts than most females, the question is. Can a female dressed in a mans wig, men's shirt and tie and men's slacks, sit back with an exposed chest? This is a double standard, has been for years.
We censored the photos because his chest looked better than many females do and because we COLLECT these images from BLOGTV and we REPORT on them and we do NOT manufacture them we don't want to offend ANYONE by posting NUDE photos something we have NEVER done, CENSORED photos are not NUDE photos. For those that need to be spoon fed.

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UpJumpUp said...

I would have to agree that even though this is a man dressed up as a woman, it is absolutely sexual content.

By wearing a wig, and an open bra, this guy is trying to create the illusion of exposed breasts for a sexual purpose.

Now, let's say this was a woman showing proper breast feeding techniques, that would be a different story. But in this case, the guy in that channels wants you to think you are seeing titties, and therefore the content should be considered as sexual.