Sunday, December 21, 2008

Smokin da budz man

We know BlogTv does not allow marijuana smoking on there shows, This early Sunday AM this guy was blazin it up. We know that people like Buddahlova and DrGonzo have been banned for this behaviour and that was before the 24/7 moderation started.
We wonder where all the 24/7 moderation is to keep us safer. We are startng to wonder if the BlogTv knows what false advertisement and misleading the public mean. We are monitoring the room to see how long it takes for this guy to be notified that these actions are not allowed. We are very sure it won't be to long after we post this story. We also are wondering how the advertiser is going to feel when they get this in their email box on Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

hmm i dont know.. i think smoking a doobie is very appropriate for a crash-test dummy ad.

Anonymous said...

lol you seriously think the advertiser cares where their ad is placed lol

you guys continuously make yourselves look worse everyday.

Let's Talk said...

urg ball-less Anon

Yes they do care as they have a contract with Google that their ads will be shown on "kosher" and legal websites.

With all the emails we have sent to companies like, Office Depot., AT&T, Pemco and a many others, they have contacted us with great concern and were in horror to see their ads on child porn pages and other illegal activity.

So anon if you had a company and your ads were supporting child abuse and other illegal activity you would be happy, do you know how that makes your comapany look.

Probably not cause your a shut in that doesn't get out much untill you post stupid shit like this under Anonymous names

george said...

um, how is that a google ad guys?

Anonymous said...


are you really that stupid for reals

Anonymous said...

They are just upset because they reported blog to FOX for copy rights violations and blog is still standing.