Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is Zarlom Homosexual?

Tonight we were hanging out in Zarloms room. Zarlom was co-hosting a guy named tighebo and having words with him, not very nice words at that, so a few of the chatters in the room joined in. We could not help but notice chatter Tabitha with her very funny insults towards the co-host and was keeping the room LOL-ing. Zarlom was typing something that never ended up in the chat room then Tabitha got the boot, she came back a few times and when she was getting her revenge and booting the guys that booted her, Zarlom got a little upset, it was ok for Tabitha to get booted but when she started to boot the guys that booted her, Zarlom got mad.After looking at Tabitha's pic she is a hottie mamma. So if you are female and have ops don't boot in Zarloms room. Don't mess with Zarloms men, Zarlom likes the peen to stay close, while pushing the va-jay-jay away.


UpJumpUp said...

Ok, I am all for calling people out when it is deserved, bot comeon guys ... this is just speculation, and completely uncalled for.

Let's not sink to finger pointing, and innuendo in the name of writing articles.

I think maybe this should be retracted ...

Let's Talk said...

Well UpJumpUp like we have said to many others, if you don't like what we post, please by all means don't come back.

Anonymous said...

lol we know you are the same person lol

UpJumpUp said...

Anon ... check when I joined blogtv, and then crosscheck that with how long this blog has been going for.

Stop making retarded accusations.

Let's Talk said...

LOL we have been called,

Independant Reporter
BlogTv mods
and now

We have told the Dolt's time and time again that we are not from blogtv in any way shape or form, we are not a butt hurt blogtver nor are we friends of any blogtvers. By dolts we mean the Anons that have no balls to post with an account name and ask this and accuse us of being someone we are not.

We get a kick out of it though.

Anonymous said...

Get it right my friend. I got mad because she kicked him while he was cohosting. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Anything to attrack users :)

Have a good day,


Tabitha said...

Zarlom you may have been a little to drunk to remember correctly

I NEVER KICKED tighbo or what ever that fags name was

I kicked jebus and annioon or what ever that bitchs name was.

I never kicked the cock you wanted
but no worries i won't be back

you might want to get it right faggot

Anonymous said...

Zarlom, ain't karma a mother fu**er.

Anonymous said...

Upjump is right. Where is your professionalism in *coughJOURNALISMcough*? To report on who-boots-whom, is one thing; to call a broadcaster a homosexual? Whats wrong with you? Zarlom - gay or not - could sue. Where does it say this time Letsstalk, that gender or gender expression is against the blogtv TOS?

I suppose now that I put this comment here, you're gonna label me a homo.

Let's Talk said...

Yo the Ball-less Anon

It is not against ANY law to pose a question.

Dumb ass