Friday, December 26, 2008

Morning Spam

Wow someone is lonely this Christmas weekend, we opened our comments and WOW over 100 of the same posts again today. DEMANDING WHO we are. Well, We are Let's Talk or have you not heard. We do ask you to please keep it up only if you wish to, the more spam you fill our comments the more ammo we have to get you blocked and or file internet harassment charges. (a little law you might want to look up)
Whats the matter Shawn not enough balls to post copyrighted material? LOL Let's Talk butt hurt. No Shawn just showing the world how immature and butt hurt you are. Shawn1979r tired to do a prank calls show, FAIL, has made a web site that on one visits, FAIL, he tried now to post 2 or 3 BlogTv Drama sites and all Epic Fails. Shawn is very upset that we get all the attention we do and we have never done 1 single broadcast over on the BlogTv site. Poor Shawn it's called talent rather good or bad, it is something you have NONE of.


Tabitha said...

How old is Shawn1979r, 30 something?

He acts like hes about 9

Mental problems are abound with this guy.

PARENTS love your kids or they turn into losers like him.

Anonymous said...

LOL -- You're kidding right?? How long have you been on blogtv Letstalk?? Have you not been on the blogtv forums before they were shut down??

Blogtv readers: look at the jpg and tell us all whose handiwork this spam resembles the most.

BTW - since letstalk is anonymous, I'd appreciate it if you woulndt refer to the anonymous commenters as "ball-less anons". Turnabout is fair play.