Thursday, December 25, 2008

Do you take this Man to be your Man?

How messy is this going to get?

Over this Christmas Holiday the Binks announced that him and his security guard Police Officer boyfriend Miguel are going to tie the knot. Now just before the binks started the $40.000.00 epic fail called the escape him and the security guard cop were going break up and the binks was going to move back into daddy's house, NOW THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED. They have yet to set the date, but it's official. Now, you know this will be more entertaining than the escape can ever be.


LMO said...


Show some respect.

Anonymous said...

let them get married :)
Theycant reproduce anyway, so this specie is doomed to extinction on day of the other.

Let's Talk said...


You if your not binko himself we are sure saw binko

Attempt to blow up a bleach bomb near peoples home and wildlife

Admit to feloney crimes

And wanted to rig the polls on his show - but change to text votes (more on that later)

and you are telling us to show respect...


LMO said...

...and that has what to do with his fiance?

As I said.
Show some respect.

Anonymous said...

Binko started the escape last year.
He never planed on splitting up with migule.

Let's Talk said...


His fiance is a cop

binko is a law breaker

his fiance allowes this

the day binko does something REALLY stupid the fiance may be held accountable.

enough spoon feeding the LAME

LMO said...

And trolling for underage kids like your site doesn't isn't illegal?

If not, immoral.
Either way.
I still say, show some respect.

Let's Talk said...


looking at the LIVE NOW page thumbnails and in your face, is where we see BlogTv TOS violations, and we report on them.

We also see people that have contest, fun and interesting shows, beer bash power hour we are always getting bitched at for talking about the binks all the time, there are very few fun and talented people on BlogTv. We report on both the fun and interesting people and the TOS violations we see.

If you wish to see nothing but, the TOS violations we report, YOU are the one with the problem, not us.

If you can find it in your heart,
Happy Holidays :)

Please take this for what it's worth.

We have asked kindly, we have said please, If you dont like our posts don't come back. We are done being nice.

In our most polite voice we say,
please, FUCK OFF!!!

JordanAndrews said...

This is Jordan Andrews.

Steven is Amazing, and you are just jealous.


Anonymous said...

I think he deleted binko101 ?
Does this mean the show isn't happening?