Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is BlogTv based on lies?

As we can see here in this graph, BlogTv is at the bottom of the other LIVE blogging sites. What we find interesting is that during an interview with Oren Levy founder and CTO of BlogTv he told us that, they get millions of hits a month. This graph clearly shows they have never had over aprox. one hundred eighty thousand unique hits in a month, sure that's alot but far from millions.Graph courtesy of

Kara Hannah has been telling the game Show hosts, "Due to financial hard ships we are not able to send out schwag any longer." Yet a week later they start an Ad Share Program. This was probably due to Michael "WHATTHEBUCK" Buckley going on CNN and telling the world BlogTv pays the highest out of all the LIVE blogging sites.

Kara Hannah tells us, "Our website is monitored 24/7 to keep you safer" and well we all know that's a crock of bull dung, with all day underage broadcasters and pot heads lighting up for hours on end.

Maybe if the BlogTv would be straight up with their customers and stop with all the political bull crap and lies and treated everyone fairly they would get more return customers and better reviews. If they keep running their site like children running a lemonade stand, they won't last.

And to think Kara Hannah contacted us, wanting free website advice. RIGHT Kara you will pay us for our services, just like you pay everyone else for theirs.


Kyle said...

I think its cool BlogTV has a revenue sharing program. As of now its the only live streaming website where you can cash in a few bucks on your creativity.

And about the moderation, blogTV has some faults and 24/7 moderation doesn't really happen I find their moderation much better then and way better then stickam

About the website comparison. It is true that blogtv is one of the smaller streaming sites mostly because its based around creative content. (While there is some copyrighted shows played on BlogTV channel's it is much less then on is based around streaming events and streams copyrighted TV shows, movies, and sports. So all three websites (while they all offer live streams) are used for differnt things.

A more appropriate graph would be to compare to which both revolve around creative content. Stickam still has more vistors then BlogTv. However in the last year blogtv has increased visitors 139% while stickam has only increased 68.5%

Just some things I took away from this article.

Anonymous said...

Yeah what kyle said is correct. The other sites have alot of copyrighted material streaming often which does increase there stats. Blogtv may be little right now but if it continues the way it has been lately, it's going to be the next big thing in the live community.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps BlogTV should invest in more bandwidth and hiring more moderators as opposed to paying half assed broadcasters to be on the site.

This makes absolutely NO sense.

Anonymous said...

Kara-Hannah never told me that she wont be giving out shwag for game night and I am hosting. Where do you people get your lies from?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kyle and it was really well put.

Anonymous said...

Kara asked for website advice? I find that pretty hard to believe. You guys are full of it.

Shira said...

A blog based on lies is posting an article about blogtv being based on lies... I LOVE IT!!

Ive been on blogTV for about a year now. I think the one thing you tend to forget is this: Yes its true the mods miss some things (GASP! They're human!!) but you seem to forget about the hundreds of shows and users they block a day. The ones they get to before you have a chance to grab on to and use for defamation.

The fact that you only find one or two cases of inappropriate behavior a day just goes to show the mods are actually doing their jobs.

Please publish this comment if you respect your readers' opinions. Thanks.

Let's Talk said...

Shira said...
A blog based on lies is posting an article about blogtv being based on lies... I LOVE IT!!

Ive been on blogTV for about a year now. I think the one thing you tend to forget is this: Yes its true the mods miss some things.

5 hours of an underage broadcastor!!! How can this be missed?

Please post these lies that you claim. Your opinion is not fact, you are only slandering yourself and making yourself look like a fool, not us.

Anonymous said...

if hes slandering himself he should just take a screen shot and call his local police department lol

Anonymous said...

i have noticed that white liar only posts on the kiddy stories never hating on the adult lady showing off her coochie.

InTeReStInG to say the least