Monday, December 22, 2008

For Kara Hannah's pedophile henchmen

Seems when ever we post the REAL dirt behind the goings on over at the BlogTv our comment boxes are filled with hate comments and threats of raping "our" kids from two of Kara's henchmen that would be White_liar you know the man that says 13 year old girls give him a boner and shawn1979r the one that wanted everyone to just "shut up" about the pedos that were/are abusing kids at the BlogTv.So for all the hating henchmen, here you go, Kara did contact us wanting FREE advise for BlogTv, after we sent her an email asking her what it was that she wanted, our Internet Consulting Department would get back with her in 10 business days with a quote, we have yet to hear back on this.

For all the ball-less Anons that post comments that WE lie please post your facts. instead if YOUR lies.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Looks like blogtv has sunk to new lows.

Anonymous said...

how r ppl suppose to NOT post anonymously, u ban everyone who doesn't agree with ur view point.

Let's Talk said...

Not TRUE the only people that have been banned are;

Steven Binko

Not because they dont agree with us
but beacuse they LIE about stories we have posted, haressment and we are sorry we do not allow pedophiles to post here.

So again get YOUR facts straight ok ball-less anon.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like Kara was trying to incorporate you and your site, in a nice way, with blogTV. Does the term olive branch ring a bell to you people?

Also, it is untrue that those are the only people you banned. I have posted completely respectful comments several times that simply stated my opinion and you blocked just about every one of them. I am almost certain this one wont make it on either.

Anonymous has blog sunk to new lows by trying to be friendly?

Let's Talk said...

Really ball-less anon

Anonymous said...

yup it looks like you have no balls, you ban anyone you dont like and you have blog moderation turned on LOL you dont even approve posts that dont fit your propoganda rhetoric lol

who looks scared now? you guys look like scared little bitches ;)

Anonymous said...

i have noticed that white liar only posts on the kiddy stories never hating on the adult lady showing off her coochie.

InTeReStInG to say the least

lolatyou said...

You shouldnt be banning anyone. Period.

And the pedophile accusations are going to get old VERY quick. The witch hunt attitude should stop.

More reporting - less fighting

lolatyou said...

Oh and the comment moderation is childish and neocontastic. js.