Thursday, December 18, 2008

Independent Reporter vs Americas Third Party

We love it when people get called out and in the case it was, Independent Reporter that called out, Americas Third Party. Apparently, Independent Reporter has interviewed Americas Third Party on several occasions IR recorded these interviews with ATP and now ATP is fuming mad so much so that ATP claimed copy right infringement on the youtube interview that IR posted and the vid was taken off YouTube. BlogTv's TOS clearly states,

"You also hereby grant each user of the Website or other viewer of your UGC a non-exclusive royalty-free right to access your UGC through the Website, and to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display and perform such UGC. This information becomes publicly available and can be seen, used and gathered by others, and therefore is not subject to this Privacy Policy. Any User Generated Content may be redistributed through the internet and other media channels, and may be viewed by the general public."

We are not sure but ATP may be in for a rude awakening to be claiming copy right on something that can not be copy righted, he may be dealing with legal issues he does not want to be dealing with if he wants to be president. When caught lying about something when running for office can hurt the candidate very badly.

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JessicaJoy said...

This is a wonderful story! Thank you for writing it! There are more details to this story, not just that David Jon Sponhiem can't handle the heat when asked serious political questions. He always wants us to write him an e-mail so he can be better prepared for when answering the questions. "If you can't take the heat, please stay out of the kitchen." He is unable to answer questions that most political figures can. He is all about people donating him money, which he is collecting money illegality because he has not filed yet. Which, the law states, once you file your candidacy, you have to file with the FDC (i think that is what it is called) A couple night ago, please refer to The Independent Reports latest video, they have NOT declared their candidacy for president of the United States! Anyone else hear a lie? What is this BlogTV show about then?!?! His banner even says "David Jon Sponhiem President 2012" Several times in the show, they have stated that they were running for president. Heck! They ran in 2008 as a write in candidate! That is still running for office!!!!

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