Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Escape Interactivity Day 5

Looks as if we are not the only ones that think the whole text voting is bologna. Now only the text votes count. Who's phone do these text votes go to, Binko's? So the voting of the contestant's went from internet votes to cell phone votes. HOW CORRUPT is that? As the binks said in the Escape-Gate recordings he needs to game to turn out a certain way, not only that, we are waiting for the rest of the recordings to be released, wonder what incriminating evidence those hold. Since the binks has threatened people with attorneys, we think the cast should get an attorney and send them after camp binko for fraud and misleading the public.Tonight's show was rude as all get out, again no host, no direction and the cast pretty much blew off everyone that was not a friend. EPIC EPIC FAIL


xethos said...

You're upset that they were using polls, now you're upset about the texting. Sounds like there is nothing anyone can do to please you.

(Note: You is referring to anyone throwing a little bitch fit.)

Let's Talk said...

To xethos

What makes you think we are "upset" about using polls we never said anything about him using polls, only rigging them.

If you don't stop with your outlansish bullshit claims your comments will no longer be welcome here.

xethos said...

Well for one, I said that was referring to anyone throwing a little bitch fit. And since you must be guilty of throwing a bitch fit. ^.^

HOW CORRUPT is that?

Well, now to me that sounds like an 'outlansish bullshit claim'. Do you know that the votes are going to be corrupt? Nope. Your entry sounds like to me that you are a little upset...sorry, maybe a wrong choice of words. Bothered.

Let's Talk said...

ok well that was your last post here.

We are a REPORTING BLOG, again we can careless what binko does we are here to REPORT ON IT.