Monday, December 22, 2008

Great Job Mods

Like we thought the BlogTv airwaves will be bombarded with the kids.
With the well monitored rooms we can see the next 2 weeks are going to be full of nothing but kids. Question for Kara Hannah, "What if any disciplinary actions are taken towards the mod_stooges that allow this to go on for hours on end?" They can't be all that bad, do they even get a warning the same mod_Stooges have been working there forever.


Anonymous said...

actually i was on this show when it got blocked. it was a minute or two after i flagged it. u post this after the show was blocked... the blog is full of nice xmas related things, why can't u post that

Let's Talk said...

No ball-less anon
Our stories are posted as they are written this show was on during our post.

Kyle said...

2 main things I got from this article

You act like these underage broadcasters are all BlogTV's fault. Who in the right mind would let there 9 year old kid on the computer with a web cam without filters or adult super vision. While BlogTV has the best interest (weather you think it or not) in keeping all of their broadcasters safe it is not thier job to "babysit" these kids, their parents should not leave them alone in a room with a webcam at such a young age. Imagine how bad things could be if they went onto a streaming service with no mods like Stickam or Livevideo.

Second, of course the BlogTV moderators miss some things (sometimes huge things) but I am often in these underage rooms flagging for moderators and 85% of the time they respond and block the show within a couple of minutes. You guys just only report on the 15% percent of the time the mods don't come, making them look like horrible people.

Also a question it seems like you guys aren't fans of any of the mods on BlogTV but if you had to chose which mod is your favorite, which one do you think does their job best?

Let's Talk said...

To: Kyle

If they are going to run a site that advertises 24/7 mods then this should not happen at all.

It is not your or anyone elses job to flag shows. They do not pay you or anyone else that flags these shows. As far as the other sites we do not report on them (as of yet) and thats not our concern in our stories we post.

We agree with you, these kids parents should not allow these kids online without supervision,


It IS BlogTvs job to keep them off this site as broadcasters as that is what they advertise.

The point we are making is the FACT "we" an outside party that can pretty much go to at anytime and find not only violations of their own TOS but also violations of the state and federal laws of the USA.

Anonymous said...

Actuly i think that the /B/ tard do a better job than the mods. They manage to scare away half of the teenagae sluts, for the other half, just follow them on a second account like IloVeMudkips or something, then when you they found a target, open a new window on your regular account and flag the show. Believe me, thoses guys really make the mods job a lot easier. To find a perv, you need a perv.

Sounds ironic, but belive me it works great.

Kyle said...

I understand that you are not concerned about other streaming websites. I am just using them as comparison like you did in your "Is BlogTV based on lies?" article. I am pointing out that things could be much more dangerous for these underage broadcasters if they went onto other streaming services that did not have mods, but I understand how you can see this non-relevant since this is "Lets Talk BlogTV" not "Lets Talk Streaming Services" ;)

Yes I agree that in some cases blogTV 24/7 moderation isn't true and if it was more heavily advertised (there's no talk of it on the front page) it may raise more concern, but overall the mods do a good job banning most of the underage broadcasters I see.

and again your personal favorite favorite mod on BlogTV? There gotta be one who you think does the best job among all the mods.

BTW thanks for quick reply didn't except to see one so fast :)

Let's Talk said...


Since this activity can be found pretty much 24 hours a day...

We have no favs, sad to say :(

Anonymous said...

noone bitches about waiting on the phone for the tech guy to fix ur internet, so y the hell do u blame mods?! personally i was always able to contact a mod when i needed one, and it was really fast. all they say is that the site is watched 24/7. can u prove otherwise? it doesn't say every violator will be shut down in just a few seconds.

Let's Talk said...

YES we can prove otherwise read our stories.

Kids being abused by pedos for hours on end.

Porn movies going on for hours on end.

Guys masturbating for up to an hour during 3 different shows.

need we go on?

Anonymous said...

nope :) you guys have made yourselves look silly enough :)

Anonymous said...

i have noticed that white liar only posts on the kiddy stories never hating on the adult lady showing off her coochie.

InTeReStInG to say the least