Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 2 for this underage broadcaster

Looks like the BlogTv mod_stooges pedophiles like this kid. This is the second day of him broadcasting on the BlogTv we wonder how many hours he will be allowed today, he never says much, he only types, mostly in Pm's. Really now are these mods not doing their jobs as we have questioned many times over.We are starting to wonder. We know White liar is a good friend of Kara Hannah's and a self admitted pedophile. Was White Liar given a job as a mod_Stooge as he said he was asked twice if he wanted the job and is this the reason why these kids are allowed to broadcast so these sick fucks can get their jollies?


mary said...

so for two days now you have been stalking this kid?

are you seriously sick in the head or something?

Let's Talk said...

No mary we mean White_liar

saw him on the live now page.

What we find ironic about it is we know for FACT kara hannah reads our blog and the account is still open.

Anonymous said...

i have noticed that white liar only posts on the kiddy stories never hating on the adult lady showing off her coochie.

InTeReStInG to say the least