Friday, December 5, 2008

From our readers

If this is true, the cat is out of the bag. Looks as if Janelle"Does" nothing but send guys in wild goose chases, What a _ _ _ _ _.


Anonymous said...

Men are so gullible, you think that with all the info out there they would wake up by now! Well least they didn't have to fork out money to her, just bruise ego!

Anonymous said...

what a bitch

Anonymous said...

"ThoughIAskMyselfWhy" was not moving to NY FOR her. he just happened to be (and still is going to be) moving there any way.
Janelle only just fit into the plans, she did NOT make them.

this was not intended to make any sort of lenience regarding Janelle, only to respect my friend

Anonymous said...

This is such a waste of space, and started by someone who has evidently has no life and nothing better to do than to play the drama queen role. Perhaps the problem lies not with Janelledoes, but with the person whining so loudly and in so many places. After seeing all the various complains spread out over blogtv and here, I seriously doubt you are the type of person anyone would want to meet in person.

UpJumpUp said...

Ok, thanks for your input either Janelle or RXwarrior.

Perhaps either of might want to take a good look at yourselves before posting.

Good day.