Friday, December 19, 2008

The Escape Interactivity Day 6

The Escape ratings plummeted to only 45 viewers tonight, maybe people are not all that stupid, knowing that the NEW rules of text voting can be rigged, that's like a no brainer. We received an email from a viewer that says, they asked a question over and over and never got answered then booted when they made a comment about the interactivity. The Escape is ran much like a kindergartner would run a play in the garage, constantly changing rules, completely ignoring the "viewers" that are to make the escape a show and just out right bologna spam. They have live shows everyday but they cant tell who's in or who's out, there is no interactivity whats so ever, Watching these shows is nothing more than a pumped up blogtv show, if anything it's more like a behind the scenes of a reality porn movie. Whats the point? BTW because there is no disclaimer about text message charges, if you get charged you can sue for damages. That's why on REAL shows like American Idol and all the other "reality shows" they say, standard text messaging rates apply. ~ just saying

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Anonymous said...

The Escape is a EPIC FAIL

I think you guys need to back off BlogTv a little and fry this fish for missleading the public and unfairly treating the contestants of this game.