Friday, November 28, 2008

Whats shawn1979r Afraid of...

This just does not make sense, We have given shawn the tools he needs to STOP the Crimes he claims that Let's Talk is participating in. Shawn is obsessed with getting Let's Talk closed down. We promise you Shawn if any doors will be closing they won't be ours. We still cannot figure out why this guy is obsessed with the fact we shut up about this child abuse problem. It is as if he wants the pervs to have free range of the BlogTv. What this idiot does not see is that we are not taking pictures of the kids persay, we are taking the screen shots of the TEXT that these people are typing in these rooms. Why do we include the children, only to prove the FACT they are underage and to SHOW that this IS a crime and we are not just simply taking screen shots of any random room and calling it abuse.

So Shawn in your next spam/post can you please add in, Why you want us to not expose this abuse, and Why you feel the need to call censored photos child porn, and could you answer a another question. You really need to put yourself in the kids place.

What if a 10 foot, 800 pound, ugly hairy man came at you telling you to get naked, masturbate, fuck your sibling, take his cock in your ass, show him your ass and so on?
Who are we kidding we know what you would think about that.

You sir are protecting felony crimes right along with BlogTv.


Wanda said...

I think Shawn is afraid that there will be an investagtion and his IP will be showing up in the kids rooms thats what I think

him and white lair

Anonymous said...