Friday, November 28, 2008

Abuse #5 Friday Afternoon

emmastevie24 and far from looking 16 years old made it to #5 this afternoon. With a room full of Child abusing criminals.If you notice on one of these screen shots there is a Google FeedBack Link, if you click this link you can report to google the webpage and and the activity that was going on "Send Google your thoughts on the site or the ads you just saw" at the bottom of the page. As you answer the questions the page will open up where you can add information to the complaint.
The form looks like this and there is no need for an email.
Not all ads have this feature in the bottom right hand corner of the ad, there are many that do.


Wanda said...

Now that's caddy


bearsbullssox said...

ohh and just do u know i contacted all of your adversisments on this website and said that you guys were posting untrue content


Anonymous said...

bearsbullssox if you can show what is untrue i would like to see it.

And if you can't, well your parents may not be to happy about slander charges. They can cost alot of money when advertising monies are lost due to lies.

Just saying

Let's Talk said...

Shawn we posted it just for you, to make you feel like a big man.

Same reason we posted "caddy" for Kara Hannah

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is just getting silly now. BlogTV does not support pedophiles. Not every person who says something "obscene" in a chatroom to underage children in a pedophile.

I can guarantee Google is not going to shut down their ads on BlogTV because of your messages claiming that there that is a pedophile.

Just as someone here spoke about slander charges, anyone who claims that anyone is a pedophile can be sued for slander. So making such statements about people like Shawn1979r for instance, this Blog can be sued for even suggesting it.

Perhaps Let's Talk should contact their "legal department". If they did infact have a legal department there would be no such posts made on this site.

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... i could use some extra money.