Monday, November 24, 2008

Shawn1979r Protecting the Pedos?

That's what it looks like. Not only what these pedos do is illegal and just out right sick. But they have a new bodyguard that would be Shawn1979r. Shawn1979r insists that everyone just shut up about the Pedo Problem over at the BlogTv. WHY???
Why in the hell would anyone want any person to shut up about internet rape towards kids. Has this fool never read what these guys say to these kids? Has this guy never seen what happens to victims of these crimes? OR is he one of the predators himself? One with half a brain would think, Why would a grown man want to bury the fact that his favorite web site is allowing internet predators into kids rooms telling bothers and sister to have sex, when the girl says no they tell the boy to rape her? Who would want to shut up about this. In most cases a guilty party, that's who.
Shawn1979r has been BANNED

from our site just like the others have, for no reason other than lying about our posts, WE DO NOT post child porn, all of our photos are, censored and then screened by our legal team as to make sure WE DO NOT post any unfavorable or illegal photos.

If Shawn1979r is so concerned about child porn he may want to ask Kara Hannah over at the BlogTv why they allow it, not to be asking us why we report on it.


Anonymous said...

looks like a cat might be outta the bag

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OOPS up side the head i said opps up side the head

Fucking love this site.

Anonymous said...

that bitch will get cut up in prison

Miss THANG said...

ohhhhhhh, you cracked that guys face in half.

Jane1963a said...

lol guys.. Shawn isn't the pedophile. He is taking up for blogtv because he doesn't understand everything here. He will eventually, and from what I know about shawn, he will soon see things things in a different light. The accuations about Lets Talk being child porn people etc. isn't correct either, and I don't agree with him on saying that, but he isn't in agreement with what I say either. Please try not to misunderstand him though. He isn't protecting the pedo's. He dose seem to be defensive for the Blogtv site. Not the pedo's.

Anonymous said...

Jane i'm pretty sure shawn understands more than you do. i can see the texan education system has failed once again!

Jane1963a said...

HaHaHa you apparently don't understand much, I am not even FROM Texas! Ha !

Anonymous said...

Looks as if Shawn1979r is acting the age of the kids he abuses.

Anonymous said...

maybe some of the broadcasters on blogTV need to do some REAL soul-searching then and ask themselves...are you ENABLING this filth by givng blogTV your support? As long as they have people willing to broadcast and support their curent business model (allowing minors to broadcast), aren't you contributing to this problem by your association with them? if you are really concerned about the pedophile problem at blogtv then it seems the simplest answer is to stop driving viewers to their site since kara hanna already stated:

"as i have stated several times the age will not change but the set up will. As soon as we can we will be separating the ages so that the younger teens will be with the younger teens and the adults will be able to keep to themselves if they so choose. We are beefing up our 24/7 moderation at the moment and if we can afford it we will continue to do so.

I am sure you are all aware of the economic troubles happening at the moment and any of you that have businesses or even just jobs should understand that we are all collectively doing the very best we can with what we have.
if you went to a church that had a pedophile priest or exposed the congregation's children to illegal or immoral behavior, would you continue to attend and support their practices or would you stop attending and expose them for what they are? frankly i would be ashamed to be associated with either. your choice.

"if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything."

Jane1963a said...

well... I went into a room just tonight, where two little boys that were acting inappropriately on cam. They were also co hosting people who were doing the same. Inappropriately meaning, showing private parts and such. I flagged the room several times. No mod showed up.
A couple of my friends were in there taking screen shots to send to the mod, and as they did, no mods showed up. They had been there,flagging and emailing proof to mods for 30 miniutes. waiting for a mod to come. No mod.
I was there for at least 20min. This behavior was happening repeatedly. I flagged several times, no mod.
Then, another friend of mine contacted me that he was in a room and the host was a male, masturbating on cam. He flagged for 20 minutes, no mod.

These are not seldom occurrences, this really IS a problem!! If it were a case that the mods were busy and they missed one or two .. that would be different, but THAT isn't the case. The mods are not even on the site. This "Moderating 24/27 For Your Protection" is a big fat lie!! That is false advertisement BIG TIME !!!

Anonymous said...

its not a 'big fat lie',,,jane its an obese lie. some 24/7 protection

Anonymous said...

i guess im just a "2 minute pedo" ... and not worthy of banning as well.

John C. said...

Some of the photos posted in this blog are offensive because they allow children to be identified. A small black rectangle masking the eyes does not make much difference. I am saddened to see that a child has been abused during a show, and photos of that abuse have been displayed elsewhere on the internet. A lawyer's approval does not make it acceptable.

Let's Talk said...

But censorship and a lawyer's approval makes them legal.

unlike BlogTv's

So Please tell us all the times you have contacted Chris Hanson from NBC's To Catch a Predator and tell him HE was a child porn peddler HUH can you forward the emails and posts on the NBC blog.
That mind you aired on National television, this is a web site that only makes a few thousand hits a day.