Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just saying...

For about one hour these to were on, the youngest broadcaster being 9 years old. The ONLY reason we bring this up is because these two shows were in the top 9 on the LIVE NOW page, right there in your face. This could only mean that the "tools" that he mod_stooges have over at the BlogTv are less sophisticated than their LIVE NOW page. They would be the eighth and ninth shows listed.
That is how we find 80% of our pedo stories is from the LIVE NOW page. What kind of tools are these mods using other than email when a concerned user flags a show. That is the only time mods ever come to a room is when people flag them. Unless of course you are a paid broadcaster and or brown noser an you simply ask and like a genie they appear, flag a kids room being abused by sex offenders and well, maybe, hour, 2 hours well get there.
Could it be they do not understand 24/7 or do they just no give a f@#k. Less than 24 hours of the new "rules and monitoring 24/7 availability" we were able to log on the the LIVE NOW page and see 2 violations of their own TOS and promise to "keep you safe".


Just Sayin... said...

Honey, let me explain someting to you...

The Live Now page has several different "Sort" options.

That means that there IS no "Top of the live now page" because every user sees a different Live Now page according to what he clicks.

YOU clicked on "Sort by viewers" and that is why they are on the top of YOUR page.


Let's Talk said...

Right and... your point is?

Jane1963a said...

Yes this is some mess that Blogtv has gotten into when they targeted, and marketed the children to come to Blogtv. It has gotten way out of hand, (obviously) and we have found so many things that are shocking and and frightening.

Blogtv also has finally realized that that was not a good decision.They have decided to make the changes we have requested and I am so thankful for that.

They also have some damage to clean up. It is going to take some time, I am sure, to get all of these accounts enabled from broadcasting.

Kara mentioned that they have new mods in training as well. The site grew bigger than they have mods for, (they bit off more than they could chew) They understand their problem now and they are trying to fix it.

Meanwhile, we need to help them. Continue to capture this evidence of abuse to the children on cam. Report the kids when you see them on cam. Be sure that after you flag, you email the screen shots, to

I have found that when I send them an email,along with flagging, it is more effective that just flagging alone.

Lets team with Blogtv now, to help them become a better and safer site. I think the more we help them the more they will help us.

I am always so sorry to see, what you guys found here. I do think though, that blogtv is on it's way to cleaning this sort of thing up.It IS a big mess they have gotten into by making that choice of letting them broadcast in the first place, and it will take some time cleaning it up.

Thank you Lets Talk, for your passion, and all you have done to make our voices of concern about this so LOUD :) We probably couldn't have gotten the message across to blogtv without you.

I am looking forward to the future new improvements of Blogtv, and the fun times we as a community share together. Lets all pull together and make this happen :)

Anonymous said...

I think we know why Kara hadn't been posting comments recently. The shit was hitting the fan and I'm sure the company lawyer told her to shut her mouth or they would be in for some serious liability issues.

Shira said...

Wow, Shawn1979r, i knew something else was bothering me about all this, but it didnt quite "click" until i read what you wrote...


This kids have friends, they have families... What they hell do you guys think youre doing defaming them like this?

If you spent half of your effort sending these screenshots to BlogTV Moderation instead of posting them on your site, you would have helped solve this problem a long time ago instead of making it worse.

Let's Talk said...

we are guessing that shawn1+79r might be getting a little scared that. that his activity on the blogtv is being monitored.

Shawn dear of you READ the story

Just seconds of us logging in we found this and just as we clicked in the room we saw a person telling this kid a 9 year old boy his friend wants to suck his dick.


Your comments are screen shot just in case your slander interupts our traffic.

ANYY PERSON ound to hinder the traffic due to lies and untrue posts by another person can be held liable to pay for all lost traffic due to untrue and slandrous


GROW UP LITTIE MAN and brown nose blogtv elswhere or you may be getting yourself into hot water not only with your possiable internet activity but also in other means as well.

steven said...

What is very telling about shawn1979r is that he only comments on the pedo stories and tells you all to stop.

I think shawn maybe feeling scared he may be getting busted.

Jane1963a said...

LoL Shawn, there you go again, thinking this is our website lol. The Independent Reporter and Myself are not resonsible for this site!! LOL you are killing me!!

But I will add this, I think it is best for Lets Talk to just turn these screen shots into blogtv and the to proper authorities. And not continue to post them like this. It is getting rather disturbing seeing these babies posted again. Maybe cover the broadcasting part and leave the chat or somthing. But it does kind of creep me out to see this.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Actually Let's Talk, no one can be held liable for you losing traffic just for making "comments." Whether they are true or not they are allowed to make them, just as you are allowed to make your random posts and post pictures of innocent kids.

Not to worry, report BlogTV, you are acutally in violation of the terms of service of Blogger, and myself and at least a dozen other broadcasters have reported these violations, and will continue to do so daily until you remove all pictures of underage children from your website.

If you actually had the "legal" team and department that you claimed, you would be aware that what you doing is worse than the slander that you are accusing Shawn of.

These are underage children and you did not receive permission from their parents to place their images on your blog.

And quit deleting peoples comments. If you are open for debate and have nothing to hide, then why are removing peoples comments?

ArcWind05 said...

Jane... correct me if I am wrong... Do you not broadcast on BlogTV?

By broadcasting on their site, you are contributing to their revenue and bringing traffic to the site; if you have such a problem with the child issues, then stop broadcasting instead of supporting them. You look like a hypocrite while you sit here and bitch then go and broadcast.

Jane1963a said...

Yes Arcwind05, I understand what you are saying, and I really have considered to stop broadcasting and did for a short while. Then I decided to stand up for what believe in, and sound off on that.

As I stated before, I think blogtv has made a good decision on changing the broadcaster age back to 16 until they implement the saftey tools they are speaking of. I am thankful for that and I think blogtv will be a better site because of it.

So I am going to continue to Broadcast and support them as long as I see that they are doing the right thing. Right now it appears to me that they are.

It is however going to take a while clean up this mess from the mistake of letting the underage broadcast, and I am willing to team with them and support them in cleaning this up, as I hope other members are as well.

I am through fussing about this, as I think a positive change has been made and I feel confident that Blogtv is going to do the right thing now.


Anonymous said...

"These are underage children and you did not receive permission from their parents to place their images on your blog. "

you guys crack me up!! read the blogTV privacy policy and terms of service.

NOTHING you do on a live broadcast on blogTV is private. blog allowed them to create an account. blog even republishes their videos through embedding and other services. UGC. read it. anyone can embed your live show on any website in the world that supports html. read it.

"Privacy Policy

BlogTV.Com Ltd. ("BlogTV", "we" or "us") respects and takes the privacy of the visitors, users and members of its website ( (the "Website") very seriously. We provide this Privacy Policy to inform you of our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information that we receive and collect on the Website.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and is subject to the provisions of the Terms of Use, and your use of the Website and any personal information you provide us with, are subject to the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. BY USING THE WEBSITE YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF USE AND THIS PRIVACY POLICY, REGARDLESS OF YOUR FAILURE TO READ THEM. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy or with the Terms of Use, please do not use the Website. Unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy, terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in the Terms of Use.

You should be aware that when you share or broadcast personal information in public areas of the Website, such as channels and chat rooms, this information becomes publicly available and can be seen, used and gathered by others, and therefore is not subject to this Privacy Policy. We urge you to exercise good judgment when sharing personal information in these forums. You should also be aware that when you broadcast, post, submit or upload any content or messages on the Website, your User Name is displayed to other users and visitors, and other members can contact you and post comments. Any User Generated Content may be redistributed through the internet and other media channels, and may be viewed by the general public."

Jane1963a said...

You are being so ridiculous Shawn, I don't feel the need to do any damage control here. I feel like I did something positive by making my voice on this subject loud.
Others are telling me they are greatfull. I would do it again if I had it to do over, and will do it again if I see the need to.

But I can assure you that all of my post have my name beside it.
Why would I want to hide my name? I am not intimidated so much that I can't reveal my name behind what I say. And I am not ashamed of ANYTHING that I have done!

These accuations that you are making- you have nothing substantial to back up what you are accusing me of. So ...just get over your self little boy!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above me...

You quoted a comment I made, which has been removed from here by the staff of Let's Talk, but I will respond.

If anyone under a certain age registers, they are still protected by their parents and/or guardian. If one of these parents did stumble upon this website, and find a picture of their child, they could sue. Because legally their child can not be bound by the laws that govern the Internet or outside of the Internet due to their age. (Speaking of this matter of course). Therefore, a parent could in fact sue the makers of this blog.

We studied this in college and I know this to be a fact. You can disagree, but there have been other websites and blog owners sued for less.

Jane1963a said...


You pitiful little know you are just telling a pack of lies now. Talk about pathetic, you are a piece of work.

Jane1963a said...

Shaun1979r is a liar, I am very surprised and disappointed. I didn't know this about you before.

Let's Talk said...

For the record just like any other web blog we may erase any comment we want, if the commernts are sladrous towards us they are screen capped and erased.

again if you dont like our rules
if you dont like our posts


Let's Talk said...

To the Anon and BlogTv Pedo trying to scare us if you READ what you posted you will see what an ass you are making yourself look like.

You should be aware that when you share or broadcast personal information in public areas of the Website, such as channels and chat rooms, this information becomes publicly available and can be seen, used and gathered by others.

Are you really that stupid we need no permmission from anyone you tool.