Friday, April 3, 2009

Where is the traffic

As we have been reporting lately, the BlogTv traffic is slowly fading away. With broadcasters leaving by the dozens and the logged on viewers dropping just as fast as the shows are. This morning when everyone was getting ready for work and school, looks like they were all on other sites. Let's face reality people, this is the internet. If anything is posted on the interwebz it takes off like wild fire, say like, Anna Nichole's death picture or a controversial YouTube video, people flock by the millions in just days. It has been almost 3 years for BlogTv and well, by the rating of the other LIVE sites BlogTv is more like a hibachi fire than a roaring wild fire. Will they end up closing up shop, like Yahoo Live did in December?

Stickam - 15.000+ online

JustinTv - 41.000+ online

BlogTv - 600+ online

Yahoo Live - CLOSED UP SHOP DEC. 3, 2008

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