Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Decisions Decisions Decisions

BlogTv recently released a few new features, new emoticons, new polls and new VOD. We are guessing that VOD means Video On Display, they did not elaborate on the meaning.
These are neat new features however, the polls and VOD would have been better reserved for the PRO ACCOUNT holders only (don't ya think). Making a PRO account worth the 25 bucks. And what a great selling tool and would really set the PRO account holders apart from the rest of the community. A few of the top broadcasters have been saying, "PRO is not really worth it, a waste of money, and Don't buy it."

With the slowing of the traffic over on BlogTv. Just like any other business, poor management and bad business making decisions make for a bankrupt company.

We don't foresee President Obama sending any bailout funds there way.

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