Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BlogTv's Newest Joke Feature

If you haven't heard already BlogTv has a new feature. The Friendliest and Most Subscribed. When you check out the All Time pages they are all YouTubers, so much for all the broadcasters that have spent many months, many hours devoting their time on the BlogTv severs, not to mention making BlogTv money.

So all it will take is a well known YouTuber to come over to BlogTv and bring a few thousand people, upon their sign up and there is no competition for the average user.Now if you want some real stats, post the hours a broadcaster has logged.
This "feature" is more like a middle school popularity contest, than a "leading website" feature. We suggest Kara go work on the BlogTv Jr. side of things with this kind of mentality, and have BlogTv hire an adult to run the grown up side of BlogTv.

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