Monday, March 23, 2009

Howie Reporting Live Legitiment

We are so glad to see that a BlogTv fundraiser made it to the cause. HowieReportingLive has been on a mission and raised over $1,500.00 for two different food banks. There has been many fundraisers held on BlogTv and HowieReportingLive is the only one that PROVED himself to everyone. With all the slander that has spewed from gossip sites and people like shawn1979r. Looks like HowieReportingLive showed them and us for that matter.
Howie any time you need advertising for your fundraisers let us know you have #1 priority for proving your worth. Thank you. Hey Howie if you are looking for a great attorney for slander and harassment let us know he works pro bono.

1 comment:

MeowTV said...

1500$...this should cover at least 4 michelle obama meals.

3 active wars, a space program, First nuclear super power of the world, reduce to beg for money and food, like some third world countrie.

Way to go, dudes, way to go....