Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lost and Found

While doing our archiving today we came across a few photos that were sent in by BlogTv account member, stoppredators back in November 2008 when the height of the pedo problem was upon us. stoppredators was/is dedicated and a major help in combating the evil pedos, flagging shows for hours on end and exposing the sick perverts that abuse the kids on BlogTv. stoppredators also spent many hours gathering together helpful internet security videos and information to turn these sickos into the authorities.
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Stoppredators also was doing research on BlogTv and came across this information that seems very interesting.

For months now we could not figure out why Kara Hannah the Community Leader was so friendly with the Pedos over on BlogTv. NOW today when we were doing our archiving we found these photos from stoppredators, a few photos from the Wiki pages about BlogTv.The first photo shows the revision history of BlogTv's wiki page. The latest revision was made, at that time, Nov. 22, 2008.

While looking at the actual revisions themselves, there is a very interesting revelation. It says that BlogTv was working with the FBI when they lowered the broadcasting age to 13. stoppredators says he emailed Kara Hannah about this and as far as we know today, she has never said a word. HOWEVER...

The BlogTv Wiki Page was REVISED again and removed all information about the FBI and replaced with html codes. We all know how Kara Hannah likes to "remove" things and "never say a word" about them. As if it will just "go away."

Is BlogTv and Kara Hannah working with the FBI and is that the reason she is so buddy buddy with the pedophiles, 4chan and the vikings, keeping the enemy close. And is that why the D.A. was so quick and jumped on our case.
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Baketron said...

I would love to believe that Kara and BTV were working with the FBI the whole time.

However, I don't see how letting exploitation of children go on hours on end is a good thing...even if they did actually trap a few pedos.

After all this, I will definitely be more involved with my child's doings online. However, if I ever found out that BTV allowed my child to take her clothes off for hours without stepping in and moderating the situation, like they were claiming they were doing,
just to supposedly catch a few pedo's...I would be pissed!